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Walk through the revolving door at the Bonefish in Turkey Creek and at dinner time you are usually greeted by a backup of patrons waiting for a table.  Lunch is not as challenging of a wait. 

You enter through the bar area, which is one of my favorite places to have a seat and checkout the local crowd, where there is a lot of activity and great cocktails. The bartenders are friendly and quick to get what you need. The bar is one of the better ones in town - they know how to mix a great drink and help you get into the relaxed state of
mind that you want to be in before dinner. Here you aren't given an undersized cocktail glass or a wimpy wine glass for your drink, you get areal grown-up size glass that you want and deserve in a nice place. The list of new fangled martinis is quite extensive and far cry from your"shaken not stirred" martini of 007 fame. They have sour apple,espresso, lemon drop, raspberry, pomegranate, and the Sex in the City's favorite -  a Cosmopolitan just to mention a few. The pricing on the menu is also different  they  round to the nearest decimal so it looks like $7.8 or $12.9 ..... different.

The bar and dining staff are very friendly, efficient, and solitious. Bonefish is very customer service oriented, at the bar, at your table, or even walking through the restaurant finding your way to the washroom. Everyone there wants to make sure you have everything you need for a pleasant evening.

 All of the plate presentations are well done for what I have seen at dinner and lunch. The taste of the superb fish dinners, lobster tails, pastas or beef dishes leave you with a feeling that you got what you paid for and have you wanting to come back again. They have the little heated dishes to melt the butter for the lobster tails, serve Bang Bang
Shrimp Tacos in a rack of 2 which I really enjoy. The corn chowder with lump crab is always hot and full of chunks of crab and it's very rich.  They also serve the best Fish and Chips in town. Bonefish prides itself on having some of the freshest fish that you can possibly get in a citythat is a six hour minimum drive from the coast. In this day and age
there is no reason to eat at a place that serves fish that is not to this quality.  The catch of the day selections come with a choice of usually four different sauces: a warm mango salsa, chimichurri sauce, lemon butter, or a pan asian glaze. 

One major complaint I have is that the side items need some serious attention to be on par with the main course items. On the positive side, Bonefish offers a decent wine list ....nothing extreme but enough selection to mate with your dinner choices.

Recommendation: I've been to this establishment for lunch, dinner, and on extremely busy holidays like New Year's Eve.  On these visits I haven't been disappointed on the above notes.   If you have never been to Bonefish, check it out for lunch on a Saturday or Sunday. This will give you a good idea on what to expect if you come for dinner.

Reviewer: Knox Gourmet

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