Deliciously prepared food of good quality isn't always expensive... and poorly prepared food can be of equal cost, should not be tolerated, and doesn't deserve customer support. Put your dollar at a place that makes your taste buds happy!  We will be looking into some of the "best of the best" and the "worst of the worst".

Knoxgourmet is your site for information on dining, wine, local markets, and menu planning. Discover that dining in Knoxville extends beyond Puleo's Grille....thank goodness!!!!!!!!!

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Featuring Dining, Wines, Recipes, and Specialty Shopping in Knoxville and East Tennessee

Check out my Hall of Fame reviews.You can't go wrong here.  The places are upscale, wonderful and the prices are fair for the quality.

We now feature "Words from Dionysus" which is a feature by my friend Doobie. Trust me this guy knows his wine.... he has studied wines for 40 years, owned a liquor store, and has a private wine cellar of 1500 bottles.  (I am trying to help him drink all of them.)

I hope you find this site informative, provocative, and fun!  Email me and follow me on Twitter @knoxgourmet...let's make Knoxville a dining community.

Knoxgourmet Hall of Fame

Best Chef - Bruce Bogartz
Best Restaurant - Shuck and Peerless
Best Pizza - Hard Knox
Best Deserts and Coffee - Coffee and Chocolate
Best Sushi and Lunch Value - Nama downtown  and Kabuki in Turkey Creek
Best Sunday and Holiday Dining - Northshore Brasserie
Best fresh seafood in a pub atmosphere - Shuck on Gay

Best Mexican Chez Guevara and Chuy's - it's a jump ball.
Frussie's Deli is back open - you need to give it a try. Best pastrami in town!
Best new Indian food try - Bombay Palace in Turkey Creek!
Best BBQ in town is Dead End BBQ on Sutherland Ave


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